Professional Services


Our workforce has worked with cross industries and experienced having participative involvement in the most complicated projects in various strategic partnerships.

Our aim is to build and establish a leading solutions provider known for quality implementation specializing in providing practical, professional advice and information technology guidance at an affordable, reasonable price.

Armed with a passionate and well-experienced team and a winning culture, our philosophy is to focus on enduring relationships by being able to support our clients through their entire system lifecycle, whether it is through the provision of full project teams under prime contracts, or by providing one-off specialist advice.

Aimed to deliver cutting-edge consulting services, intelligent technical solutions and ubiquitous secure technologies to governmental bodies, organizations and businesses, the company was established with the objective to ensure secure access to any information, data and service, anywhere, anytime, offering its clients and business partners with customizable, extensible and robust security-enhanced services for supplication, information dissemination, communication and data exchange.

We are proud to be Malaysian owned and operated.

We ensure qualified local and expert trainers as required and if necessary. We provide technical and customer support for all of our services. From our experience we are confident to provide the best practice solution, service.


The world is changing, the old rules of business are giving way to the new. In today’s complex business environment, technology and capital no longer guarantee success. Now more than ever before, the capability to tap into the pool of right people with the right skills and experience have become a company’s key competitive differentiator.

With our thorough understanding of staffing trends and our deep pool of highly qualified candidates, E Infomedia can deliver the talent, matching the right individual to the right job—faster and with better business results.


Hiring can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly at times.

And, if you employ the wrong person, it could present a real problem to the company financially and organizationally.

Count on E Infomedia for proven expertise in recruiting, assessing and qualifying candidates for permanent openings.

Our process delivers on-the-job success for the long term.


Many of our clients often require our short-term placement services when there is a need to substitute an employee on leave, to start off a special project, to meet an increased workload or to reduce hiring risks by assessing the employee on a contract position before offering a permanent employment.

E Infomedia can supply you with only the suitable candidates to fill your contract and temporary positions, be it for 6 months, 12 months or longer and for a wide range of positions.


Contract-to-hire services give you the opportunity to assess the consultant's performance and determine suitability for the position and your organization before making a hiring commitment. You enjoy access to the skill and experience of consultants with the potential for making them permanent members of your team.

The “Try and Buy” is a great option to get a high caliber consultant up and running quickly while having time and opportunity to see if the they will fit well within your organization. This option also provides them a chance to “test drive” their new company.

The contract-to-hire process takes into full consideration the consultants potential for the transition from contract to direct hire with your company, ensuring the needs and desires of both parties are properly aligned.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the next best alternative to an HR recruiting department of an organization and provides complement end-to-end management of recruitment process of a company or department by a third-party vendor.

A recruitment process outsourcing provider plans, manages and executes all staffing activities related to recruitment, including Job description preparation, interviewing and selection, relocation and immigration, onboarding and retention strategies.

Let the experts at E Infomedia facilitate the development needs of your organization straight from recruitment through retention. E Infomedia Recruitment Process Outsourcing services offer the benefits of reduced time to hire, increased quality of candidate pool, lower cost per hire and improved compliance.


To manage the complexity of today’s world of work, you require talent solutions that support business strategy and meet your workforce needs.

We work closely with you to deliver the business agility and staffing flexibility needed to deliver the talent you need.


Do you lack the time and experience to deal with some or all your human resource activities? If you do, then outsourcing your HR can be the right decision for your company.

We can help you by taking care of all your HR outsourcing requirements holistically that allows you to concentrate on focusing on your core business that leads to Company’s profitability.

By outsourcing some of your non-core functions in HR, you can focus exclusively on what you do best.

Here are some of the services that we can help you within the HR spectrum:


  • Establishing total fit headcount and recruitment for permanent placement or contract to hire. Also, Recruitment Process and outsourcing.
  • Overall strategic corporate planning for business needs
  • Organizational training requirements in place
  • Corporate governance in place to maintain Industrial harmony
  • Consultancy services on Industrial Relations matter and other HRM function


Our consultants have more than two years hands on experience in handling every areas of HR. We shall be able to give you advice as well as implement and operationalize the HR issues depending on your company’s specific needs. We are a one stop HR solution center.

  • Employee Relations and Industrial Relations
  • Recruitment & Talent
  • Management
  • Training & Development

Digital Marketing


Small and medium businesses are implementing digital marketing strategies to productively reach and engage their target clients online. We target your audience by reaching the market in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Our digital marketing advantages include increasing brand loyalty and driving online sales. By using our digital marketing platform, you can reach a massive audience in a way that is measurable and cost-effective.

You can save costs and have more clients for less hassle than traditional marketing techniques. You get to know your market and allow them to know your brand which can help you strengthen your customer relationship management.

Our advertising practice comprehends the difficulties faced by organizations in this dynamic condition, which requires streamlining tasks and business processes, taking care of client demand for better insights, and overseeing brand consistency on various digital assets.

We are a full-specialist co-op for advertising agencies and we canter around Creative Asset Management, Digital Advertising Services, Direct Marketing and Reporting and Insights solutions. We work together with organizations on their special innovative and business needs, helping them adapt to change and producing better outcomes for clients.


Our Digital Media Services (DMS) cover solution strategy, implementations and support. Our Internet marketing services include the following:

  • Social Media Advertisement
  • Google advertisement
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website creation & development
  • SEM Marketing (Small & Medium size Enterprises)
  • E-commerce
  • Web marketing & App marketing

  • Digital strategy consulting, including a digital road-map, optimization, and enhancement
  • Search engine optimization across platforms including Web, mobile, social, and local search
  • Online Advertising in the areas of media planning, paid search, contextual, social marketing
  • Contract marketing with customer-centric message modeling
  • Identity enhancement, helping to build a digital presence for Websites, mobile apps and landing pages
  • Digital analytics for Web, mobile, social media and more


With digital marketing, you can ensure that your target market are checking and reviewing your content. With reasonable digital marketing processes, small businesses can get more for their marketing expenditures.

Your reach will be further but more niche. Your main limitation is your strategy and creativity. You’ll have the possibility to transform the way that you reach and involve your customers. Digital marketing analytics takes the guess work out of knowing whether your marketing is actually effective.

Online marketing is undeniably the lifeline of business today as it is hard to imagine growing without having an online presence. If you want to achieve your business targets as well as survive in the competitive scenario, these services are a must-have.

  • Target the right leads
  • Get customer feedback for constant improvement
  • Analyze growth and performance
  • Avail the benefit of omni-channel reach
  • Change the current strategies for better prospects

IT Training Services


  • SAP Development & Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Application Support & Maintenance
  • Vertical Solutions & Consultation
  • Mobile Application
  • Software Services
  • Soho Creator (SAAS)
  • Custom Development
  • Full Local Network Infrastructure will be in a secured way to prevent the internal & external threats and network and meet the future needs and purpose
  • Setup a secured way to Mail and Messaging System with mail access through clients browser and mobile devices
  • Supply and Installation various kind Server and Mail Solutions
  • Messaging, Calendaring Scheduling and Contact Service, Instant Messaging, Presence Awareness and Chat
  • Setup Medium Wi-Fi Solutions and sharing various resources, benefit for the file and data transferring (Audio & Visual)
  • Setup own Mail Server and Data Connectivity to the various server
  • Setup Database Server, Web Server, Proxy Server, Mail server, Applications Server. Data Manipulations, Data Quarry, Data backup/ Recovery, Webmail services
  • Setup robust and scalable Network Active and Passive devices
  • Setup centralized cerver cystem and individual Group PC and Core network solutions

Payroll Services


We provide tailored payroll outsourcing services to Small Businesses and Large Organizations.

Our payroll specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced payroll systems to process even the most complex payroll account.

We personalized our payroll services and includes:

  • Employer Registration
  • Register company with relevant authorities, including IRB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PTPTN.

  • Payroll Systems
  • Process payroll monthly/weekly, issuing payslips and prepare direct credit of salary.

  • Statutory Preparation
  • EPF, SOCSO, EIS Tax, HDRF, PTPTN, Zakat calculation and submission

POEA & OEC Manage Services for Filipino Worker’s Only (OFW)


We provide tailored POEA & OEC processing and accreditation both for employee and employer.This is only for Filipino Expat or Professional who working here in Malaysia.

Our specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced guideline and systems to process even the most complex cases.

Our services includes:

  • Company Accreditation to the Embassy of Philippines in Kuala Lumpur
  • Individual Filling of Filipino worker to obtain the POEA & OWWA registration
  • Verified the current contract
  • Notarized all the required documents for submission - Secured the OEC

Business Matching and Management Consultancy


Business Matching is a unique business component that provides top-level buyers, an opportunity to meet with companies of their choice for focused one-to-one appointments.

It connects your business with targeted local and international suppliers and plan all your business meetings in advance to save time.


We define the IT Strategy, Infrastructure and overall Enterprise Architecture required for organizations and businesses to support the efficient and effective achievement of their business objectives, ensuring the end-to-end IT security across the organization.

We design and develop Integrated IT Solutions and Tailor-made Software, help-desk and software engineering outsourcing activities utilizing custom software development frameworks and including training, customization, deployment and support of enterprise-driven custom software applications and solutions, e-business (B2B) and e-commerce (B2C) solutions, e-government (G2G, G2B and G2C) and e-health solutions, as well as brand new software products and services.


A dynamic business environment and a constantly evolving technology landscape require enterprises to transform their business models, leveraging advanced digital capabilities and analytics driven process innovation.

With a track record backed by extensive industry experience and deep domain expertise, our consulting practice is built on a sound understanding of the intersection of business and technology.

Our Business & Technology Consulting Services offer a potent blend of strategic consulting, operational consulting, and flawless execution, powered by global delivery capabilities, to enable enterprises design and achieve their performance and transformational goals.

Software Services


Our aim is to deliver cutting-edge consulting services, intelligent technical solutions and ubiquitous secure technologies to governmental bodies, organizations and businesses.

E-Infomedia Solutions Sdn Bhd was established with the objective to ensure secure access to any information, data and service, data anywhere, anytime, offering its clients and business partners with customizable, extensible and robust security-enhanced services for services supplication, information dissemination, communication and data exchange.